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  • NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, online-and-offline, thoughtware-upgrade, matrix-building, personal-transformation, adventure-game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness and leave behind a life of reactivity. No one can upgrade your thoughtware for you. No one can stop you from upgrading your thoughtware. Our theory is that when we collectively build 1,000,000 new Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code ​HOLDSPAC.00 to log your Matrix Point for reading this website on StartOver.xyz. Thank you for playing full out!


    Two Spaces - A person who establishes themselves in the Adult ego state discovers that there are two kinds of space that they are dealing with. First, common ordinary physical space, defined by walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, decorations, sounds, smells and so on. Before now, when we think of the concept of “space,” physical space is all that we would normally think of. The second kind of space is energetic space, defined by attention, intention, quality, tone, mood, purpose, timing, speed, direction, and so on.


    Physical space is solid and relatively permanent, compared to energetic space, which is mobile and flexible, having the capacity to change shape, purpose, direction and speed almost instantaneously. Energetic space can have the same dimensions as the surrounding physical space. Energetic space can also have larger or smaller dimensions than the physical space.


    For example, the space of a conversation between two people in a noisy restaurant is smaller than the physical space of the whole restaurant. The space of the conversation might be a small amorphous bubble enclosing only the two people, making them oblivious to the general noise in the restaurant as a whole.


    Energetic Space - We are either conscious of these two kinds of spaces or we are not. If we are not conscious that we are, in each moment of every day, involved in both physical spaces and subtle energetic spaces, this does not make us immune to the effect of the qualities of energetic spaces. We are affected. But, without energetic space-holding skills, we are powerless to create any difference in what is going on. Simply by adopting the new thought-map that there is physical space, and right along with it, perhaps even with the same physical dimensions, energetic space, we gain the possibility of making changes that were previously too subtle and out of our reach. This is experiment #1.


    Extending our responsibility to include energetic spaces gives us the possibility to navigate energetic spaces. Navigating space is not much different from driving a car or playing a video game. By navigating space we can choose which direction the space goes, or when and how to leave one space and enter another. This is the content of another website: Navigating Space.

  • “Holding space” means taking responsibility at the level of energetic space.

  • A Story...

    ... about Holding Space by Clinton Callahan.


    Chapter 1

    When I first started learning about holding space I thought holding space meant controlling the space. I became a fanatic for details. I would grip a space so tightly that I would not let anybody move or create anything at all. In that way the space would not get out of my control. But, after awhile, I started noticing that nothing happened in such a petrified space. It was cold, dead, and stiff with rigor mortis. Somehow I had to loosen up and still hold space at the same time. I had to relax and find some way to allow movement without taking my hands off the wheel.


    Chapter 2

    About six months later I found that I could fill a space knee-deep with a kind of energetic mud, a sleepiness from the waist down induced by my own fear of chaos. People were permitted to think and talk but they were strictly not allowed to feel or take any surprising actions. I thought I had found the solution to holding space because there was a greater freedom of movement and yet the space would not be out of my control. Unfortunately the movements were tedious and inauthentic, like trying to dance while carrying a bag of cement. There was no real aliveness, nonlinearity or flow.


    Chapter 3

    During the next six months I experimented with letting myself be more and more afraid and still staying functional. I was terrified of the freedom I gave people to create anything they were moved to create in each next moment while I still retained responsibility for what happened. Me being afraid but not paralyzed permitted the others to safely erupt with joyous nonlinear creation. Far deeper conversations and interactions could take place than I had ever before suspected. My fear became an ally that gave me a sensitivity to more and more influences. I discovered that spaces had wings like an airplane and if I could permit a space to zoom fast enough along the ground I could pull back on the “steering wheel” with my attention and we could lift off into completely unsuspected angles and dimensions, using both Bright and Shadow Principles as fuel for accomplishing the creative tasks set before the group.


    Chapter 4

    The next level of space holding came as a major Box-expansion for me. The expansion occurred when I allowed the Clinton-personality-Box who was holding the space to be replaced by a more expanded set of possibilities, namely, the space-holder-Box. As the specific tendencies of the “Clinton show” relaxed, a more neutral space holder took its place. This not-pre-programmed space holder could shift character according to what was wanted and needed, and in various circumstances could be the father, the man, the husband, the sexual partner, the friend, the enemy, the whining victim, the trainer, the clown, the research scientist, the meeting leader, the artist, the theater performer, or others. The space holder was no longer representing the usual “Clinton” channels with habits and restrictions that I knew. Instead, I created and held a space through which the Principles that I served could do their work, and I was continuously surprised – sometimes even shocked – by the words, attitudes, speech patterns, behavior strategies, opinions and expanded character traits that I exhibited. I shifted from controlling the energetics of a space to navigating the energetics of a space because I was moved by a different purpose. No longer was it “Clinton’s” purpose; it was the purpose of the Principles. Suddenly, the relationships I was in and the projects I was doing became far more freed up, interesting and productive than before.


    Et voila!


    The End.



    ... More of a Beginning.


    Attention - If you place your expanded “field attention” on the whole of the space you are holding – for example, the entire room you are in with people, or just the two of you at a café table, or even you and the other person not in the same room but in the space of a telephone conversation – and you declare that space as distinct from all other spaces, then you gain the ability to name the Principles that the space itself is called into existence to serve.


    Read about the ODEC in The Rise and Fall of the D.O.D.O by Neal Stephenson and Nicole C.


    Shifting Space - While you proceed from one space to another space as part of your work together, then, as you enter a space, your first action is to recognize and pay respects to the “presiding deity of the space” – the Bright (or Shadow) character concocted out of the Principles that work through that space. Recognizing and greeting the presiding deity of a space establishes a connection between you as the space navigator, and the deity, in such a way that a profitable exchange can occur, a “reciprocal feeding,” resulting in a flow of blessings for everyone in the space.


    The concepts from holding space come from outside ordinary Western culture and will only become interesting and useful as you develop your space-holding skills.


    The Space Determines What Is Possible - What is crucial for you to know right now is that what happens and what is possible in each conversation or each moment in your relationship does not happen or become possible by “accident.” It happens or becomes possible according to what space you are holding. The quality of the space is the determining factor. If what is happening right now does not match what you want or need in your relationship, you can simply stay in contact with your partner or with whoever is in the space, then lean your shoulder up against the wall of the space and direct your attention so as to make an energetic sucking gesture. Suddenly you will be in the next space, and whoever was in contact with you will be in the new space with you. Since every space is connected to every other space (see below) you can get to anywhere from here.


    The Principles of a Space -

    Bright Principles are aspects of responsibility.

    Shadow Principles are aspects of irresponsibility.


    Each space has its own mix of Principles. As you create or enter a space it is helpful to know which Principles are at work and which Principles you can call into that space.
    The easiest way to detect what Principles are at work in an energetic space is to continuously ask yourself the experiential questions, “What is the purpose here? What is really going on here?” The answer to your questions will be a whole body sensing of the set of Bright or Shadow Principles being fulfilled by what is present or what is happening in that space. This way you will continue to refine your space holding and space navigating skills. It is like learning to read road signs while you are driving so that you can tell what country you are in: Ordinary Human Relationship, Extraordinary Human Relationship, or Archetypal Relationship. With your new driving skills and a few maps you can drive wherever you like.

  • Every Space is Connected to Every Other Space

    You already had the experience of this. You were having breakfast with your love ones and everything was just fine. The orange juice was freshly pressed, the coffee warm and your partner next to you... and in less than 3 seconds, you are arguing about your mother or his mother. The previous space of 'nice breakfast' is long gone before you even notice where you are. This is because every space is connected to every other space. We most often move from one space to another unconsciously - a.k.a. serving Shadow Principles. However, you can now practice using the skill of shifting space consciously - serving Bright Principles. This means you can go anywhere from here!


    Read and do the experiments of SPARK 26 - Each space is connected to every other space.

  • Taking Right Angle Turns At Light Speed

  • More Experiments

    Hold Space, Two Spaces, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    HOLDSPAC.01: Two Spaces...

    ... a physical and an energetic space.

    Adopt the new thought-map that there is physical space, and right along with it, an energetic space.

    Keep distinguishing the two when moving from one physical space to another.


    You can already do this. Have you ever walking a room talking loudly on the phone and you realized that someone was taking a nap on the couch? What do you often do then? You slow down, start whispering on the phone, maybe walk on the tip of your toes and get out of there before continuing your phone call. The physical did not inform you that it was a sleeping space. The energetic space did. The person napping has declared the energetic space as a 'sleeping space' which makes it a silence, slow and undisturbed space.


    It is the same for churches, banks or different shops. Each of those physical spaces have their particular energetic space and you can feel it when you walk in them.


    So, the same way you take some level of responsibility for the physical space, for example by cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the floors, taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, etc..., start taking responsibility for the energetic space. You do this by detecting:

    • the limits of the energetic space. For example, in the attached image, the people did not include the cat in their energetic space. If a cat is in an energetic space or a child, the space changes into a pet or child space.  
    • the purpose. SPARK192.01 - The reason is not the cause. Purpose prevails.
    • the speed.
    • the quality.
    • the direction.
    • the duration.

    With this thoughtware upgrade, you gain the possibility of making changes that were previously too subtle and out of our reach.

    Hold Space, Fire Walking, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    HOLDSPAC.02: Go Fire Walking...

    ... as an initiatory process

    The Initiatory Process through which you go through when fire walking is you discover in five bodies that the space determines what is possible. And there is always someone responsible for the space. If you do not like the space you are in, you are no longer a victim. Take responsibility and create the space where what you want is possible.

    Hold Space, earth and moon, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

    HOLDSPAC.03: Holding Space for Gaia...

    ... as a service

    For this experiment, make space and time for yourself in a quiet environment for 45 min. You can do this experiment in a Possibility Team.


    Sit comfortably in a chair.

    Find your center with your attention, and with your intention move it to your physical center. You are now centered.

    Use your clicker to declare your grounding cord and your personal bubble.


    The experiment starts now.

    Click 8 points in the room, first 4 on the bottom, and then 4 on top.

    Click the 8 points, each at a time – click.
    When you lose the room, you can click it again. You can actually do it with one click.

    Shrink the space to the chair and you.
    Extend it to the entire physical space.
    Shrink it to the chair and you. („Do you realize how easy that is?“)

    Extend to the room.
    Shrink it to you and the chair.
    Extend to the room.
    Extend the space to the two buildings of the farm, i. e. the main building and the barn.
    You are holding space now for the 2nd building, although you don’t know what is in there. You take energetic responsibility.
    Extend the space to 10 m around the whole farm.
    With the next click, extend the space so that includes the city of Unterdietfurt – click
    Now you are holding space with your attention and intention for hundreds of hectare of land, birds, people.

    With the next click include us and the entire metropolis of Munich. You now hold space for a million people. A lot of stuff is happening right now there. You take responsibility for this space.
    Now click your finger and include Germany. Germany is not square, but with 8 points you can still hold space. You are now holding space for 120 million people.
    Extend to Europe
    Extend to the Earth (7 billion people)
    Extend to the solar system with all 9 planets. Look how small the Earth is.
    Extend to the milky way.
    Extend to the entire galaxy with 800 billion stars and unlimited space.
    Extend to all galaxies in this universe. You are holding space for the entire universe now.
    Extend to all universes. Now you are holding space for all universes.
    Now shortly open your eyes and keep holding space while putting your attention on all universes.
    Now close your eyes again.

    Keep your eyes closed and your attention on the 8 points. I need a volunteer. Put your finger up, if you want to volunteer. Okay, xy, keep your eyes closed, hold the 8 points and the space for all universes and tell a joke. (xy tells joke) (Let one volunteer tell a joke. The other participants have to keep their center and hold space without laughing).
    Did you lose your 8 points? (e. g. because of laughing). Find them again.

    Then as trainer let the participants shrink the space gradually (from all universes to chair)
    Okay, now go back and hold space only for our universe.
    Shrink it back to our galaxy. Do you realize how easy this feels compared to all universes?
    Solar system => There is this sun again and the planet. Find the Earth and click with your finger.
    Earth => look how small and easy she is.
    Now Germany,
    Now Munich,
    Now Unterdietfurt
    You and the chair.

    Hold Space, startover.xyz, powered by Possibility Management